Gerg Hardy

The Media is out of line asking for The NFL or Panthers to do anything with GH until his case is finalized in the court system. Public opinion has NEVER been a basis for law or order. Ray Rice is even suspect to how it was handled by the NFL after the legal authorities ruled and settle his case. Public Opinion over rode the rulings of those who were in place to make decisions on what was proper for his actions. Now public outcry is overturning the system of law that we all are accountable to. If the public is adverse to the legal system we all have in place they need to seek their reps in government and have laws changed and/or vote out those who are practicing these procedures they disagree with. To vent anger just because you finally realize that our system has failed in NOT an appropriate action for all involved. So if The situation with Michael Brown is decide contrary to the community they need to get in an uproar and destroy or harass the entire city and police…I say NO! Let the system work itself out and then see where we all are at. THE LAW IS NOT TO GET OUR WAY BUT TO BRING FAIRNESS AND JUSTICE FOR ALL! Propaganda is what Hitler and those who want to destroy others. Vilify and cause other to despise them. Whatever your opinions about what they did or not has nothing to do with treating men as men. NOTHING CHANGES THEIR BEING MEN! Their actions whatever maybe questioned but their value can NEVER BE TAKEN AWAY!


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